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Pat the Child has donated thirty-five cows to women who took up an orphan. These women have just received a training to take good care of their cows.

Pat the Child has started the medical project MediStructures in cooperation with SYPO Netherlands. In this project, Village Health Workers will be trained and clinics will be constructed.

Agricultural projects:
Pat the Child has started several projects to assist farmers throughout the district, for instance by spreading disease resistant coffee plants in cooperation with Makarere University.

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The Kikwayi Backpackers Hostel has had a succesful first year. For a few dollars a night, one can enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Kikwayi. Whether you laze around your room with lake Victoria views, or go fishing with the local fishermen, you'll have an amazing time.


Pat the Child is a Ugandan NGO based in the Mukono district, southern Uganda. It was established in 1995 as a response to the catastrophic aids epidemic and to the poverty of rural Uganda in general.

Since then, it has started several projects to elevate poverty and fight the horrible consequences of HIV/aids. These are projects like spreading disease-resistant crops amongst farmers in the area, but also medical projects such as fascilitating the government immunisation programme. Pat the Child works together with the Dutch organisation SYPO to start a yoghurt factory in order to generate an independent income and place orphans in local families in the area.

The organisation is run by Ugandan people, and works together closely with volunteers from all over the world.

Please have a look around this website for an overview of our projects and see how you could help to realise them.

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